Creating a URL launch menu

Using the BTM component, you can open URLs in a web browser or other application. The URL is built using data like a transaction ID, activity instance ID, and other similar information.

Launch menus are used to do the following:

  • Define the menu option that launches the URL
  • Define the URL
  • Open the URL from a context specific location

See also Launch menu fields.

To create a URL launch menu

  1. Right-click in the BTM workspace and select Properties.
  2. In the Launch Menus tab, select the URL sub-tab, and click Add URL Prefix in the lower left. This adds a menu option to the Launch Menu. The table in Launch menu fields provides additional field information.
  3. Enter a URL Menu Prefix Name. The name appears in the launch menu tree.
  4. Enter the URL prefix (for example, http://). If needed enter the hostname and port in the URL Prefix field.
  5. To add additional segments to the URL, click Add Segments (lower left) and enter a name in the Segments Menu Name.
  6. Define the rest of the URL using segments. As you define the URL, it is displayed below the Segments Menu Name field. To add URL segments:
    • Add an activity segment by selecting an activity in the activity list box and click Add.
    • Add a transaction segment by selecting a transaction in the transaction list box and click Add.
    • Add a user segment by clicking the appropriate Add button.
  7. For each added segment, select an encoding type in the table. This can be URI, URL, or None. The default is URI and is sufficient in most cases. Use URL only if defining a segment that explicitly requires URL encoding. Specifying None creates a segment with no special encoding.
  8. Click OK to save your changes.
  9. Click the Operations tab and select the model to monitor. Note that the URL cannot be launched in edit mode. The URL can be launched as follows:
  10. Select a transaction from the table and click the Details button.
  11. Click any of the Launch buttons from the details dialog box. Note that the URL cannot be launched in edit mode. For payload segments, the payload used depends on which Launch button is used. If you are on the payload tab and have a payload row selected with that name that is the payload value used. If you are on a row with an activity name and that activity has a payload with that name, then that payload value is used. If you are on the transaction summary, the first payload with that name is used.

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