Creating a SWIFT message format

Essentially, you need to recreate the figure in SWIFT Message format.

To create a SWIFT message format

  1. Create a new Message Format and name it SWIFT MT950.
  2. Add a Field, name it Block4 and select Field Type of Message Body Buffer.
  3. Click Add Subfields, click Add Field, select SWIFT Block as the field type, and rename the field Swift Block.
  4. In the Block ID, select 4. Leave Technology Derived for the CCSIDs. In the Repeat Count, leave the default of 1. This means that the Block ID only appears once in the transaction.
  5. Select the field you named Swift Block in STEP 6 and click Add Subfields, add a new field. Select Swift Field from the list.
  6. Name it Tag 61.
  7. In the Field Tag, type 61.
  8. In the Repeat Count, select All.
  9. Select the field called 61 and click Add Subfields.
  10. Click Add Subfields. Repeat eight times, so that there are nine subfields.
  11. Change the first field's name to Value Date.
  12. In Field Type, select String.
  13. In the Byte Length, type 6. The Value Date is always in YYMMDD format.
  14. Leave Technology Derived for the CCSIDs.
  15. In the Repeat Count, select 1.
  16. Provide the appropriate details for each subfield listed in the table in SWIFT Message format using details from the SWIFT documentation.

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