Creating a message format

This topic describes the main steps in creating or modifying a message format. Refer to Message format fields for field reference information.

Before you begin

  • Know the structure and content of the message format you want to create.

To create a message format

  1. Open the Message Formats tab.
  2. Click New on the BTM tool bar. To modify an existing format, select it from the BTM Message Formats table. Supplied Message Formats are read-only. If this is the first time the Message Formats tab is used, a Default format appears in the list and can be used. Default message formats are added to newly created profiles.
  3. Enter a name for your message format in the Name field.
  4. Optionally enter a description of the message format.
  5. Click Add Field (lower screen) to add a field below the selected field.
  6. Name the field and select the field type. Refer to Message format fields for field reference information.

    For message based transactions, use Message Body Buffer (or one of the buffers as appropriate) as your first field and define your message format as subfields of the buffer. This helps with consistency. Some fields require that you define the buffer first.
  7. Add any required subfields.
  8. Continue adding fields and subfields until your message format is defined.
  9. Validate and commit the message format.

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