Creating a dashboard instance

Note that when using the Dashboard Wizard you can create an instance of the same template or select a different template, which creates a nested dashboard hierarchy.

  1. From the Tools menu when working in any tab, select Dashboards > Create Dashboard Instance > Choose Template,
    Right-click on the dashboard template node in the Logical tree of the Operations tab and select Dashboards > Create Dashboard Instance > Same Template,
    If you are not currently on a dashboard template, you are prompted to select a template. If you are currently on a dashboard template, a new instance for the current template is created.
  2. If you chose to select a template, the displayed wizard screen starts with a dashboard selection in which you select the dashboard template from the list and then click Next.
  3. Enter the new Instance Name and then click Next.
  4. Drag one or more objects from the explorer tree on the left and drop them on the object name cell in the table to the right.
    1. Note that the Logical Name and default view control collection cannot be modified when creating a dashboard instance.
    2. Once you have completed configuring your dashboard instance select Next.
  5. Verify everything is correct on the Summary screen and click Finish.

    The new dashboard instance appears under the dashboard template in the Logical tree on the Operations tab. When you select the new dashboard instance the view's display items should be populated with data from the associated objects. 
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