Configuring audit logging permissions for MQ Actions

The audit logging permissions apply to actions performed against a WebSphere MQ object, like a queue manager, queue, or channel. MQ actions occur when configuring TrueSight Middleware Administrator (TSMA) integration using the mqtool utility, the TSMA operations from the Monitor Console Object Repository tab, or the Create WMQ Connection policy action. Additionally, any Perl automation command is subject to these permissions. 

Note that these permissions do not apply to TSMA. 

Enabling or disabling any of the audit log permissions in the Security tab updates the database for the TMTM Application Service. 

  1. Open the Security tab in the Monitor Console.
  2. In the bottom pane, double-click on the name of a group for which you wish to configure audit log. The Group Settings dialog box is displayed.
  3. Expand the permissions tree under MQ Actions until the Audit node is visible.

  4. Select the audit options as required:
    • Select Audit actions to enable any auditable action taken by a user in this group to be written to the audit log database.
    • Select Abort action on audit error if you wish the task being performed to fail when adding the Audit Record for that task fails, preventing a task being performed and not logged in the audit log.
  5. Click OK to save your changes to the TMTM Application Service database. Changes take effect the next time a user logs in.

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