Choosing how the Agent installation and services communicate

By default, the Agent initiates connections directly to the Topic Service. However, you can configure the Agent installation to allow creation of a secure tunnel between the Configuration Agent and Application Service of the services. By default, the TLS tunnel is initiated by the TMTM Configuration Agent but the reverse can be configured, allowing for the Application Service to initiate the connection.

Once the secure tunnel is established, the Agent uses the TLS tunnel to communicate with the Topic Service. Other communication by the Configuration Agent to the services also uses the secure tunnel.

In summary the choices are:

  • Agent does not use a Secure Tunnel Connection
  • Agent initiates Secure Tunnel Connection to TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor Services
  • TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor Services initiate Secure Tunnel Connection to Agent

This choice can be made for each agent installation. 

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