Changing the default password

You can use the default TMTM Application Service security or you can use Active Directory security.

The TMTM Application Service enforces default security. The component of the TMTM Application Service that enforces security is ApacheDS. Because the default password for ApacheDS is publicly available, BMC recommends that you change it as soon as possible.

In addition to changing the password, the following sections provide guidelines for passwords and describe how to encode the new password:

To encode the new password use the Cryptor method in the mqsusertool 

In this example, the password BMCSOFTWARE is encoded and gives the following string:

mqsusertool --encode -t Cryptor BMCSOFTWARE
mqsusertool 5.0.00 (build 63)
(C) Copyright 1996-2010 BMC Software, Inc.
Reading defaults from services.cfg
Encoding 'BMCSOFTWARE' using algorithm Cryptor:

Use the returned encoded password in step 3 of the following procedure. For assistance with using mqsusertool, contact BMC Support.

To change the ApacheDS default password

  1. Start the TMTM Application Service (do not start other services).
  2. At a command prompt in the InstallDir, enter:
    Enter a new password of your choosing or enter an encoded password.
  3. Locate services.cfg in InstallDir and find the following line:;5iKGpSZ3
    Replace the existing password (in the example above D;5iKGpSZ3) with the password used in the previous step.


    If using an encoded password (see the previous step), enter the encoded password returned by mqsusertool in this line instead of a password of your choosing.
  4. Save services.cfg.
  5. Restart the TMTM Application Service and then start the remaining services.

Disallowed characters in user and group names

User and group names allow only characters in the UTF-8 character set, with a few exceptions.

Disallowed characters in user and group names include: ! # % & ( ) * + , / : ; < = > ? @ [ ] ^ ` { | } ~ " ä ü ö e´ e`.

In addition, leading spaces and trailing spaces are disallowed, while internal spaces are allowed.

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