Backing up data

Consider a backup routine for TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor that allows for a partial and full recovery.

The essential components to back up are:

  • Executables
  • Configuration files
  • Media
  • Database

The database backup should be incorporated into your company's policies and procedures for database backups. Each supported DBMS type has the ability to create point in time recovery points, which is the backup strategy that is recommended. Ensure that your DBA is prepared to restore the TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor database to a point in time.

Backups of executable files, configuration files, and media are all accomplished by backing up the installation directory and subdirectories. Work with your systems administrator to ensure that this directory and its subdirectories are a part of a backup plan and can be restored in the event of a disaster.

To create a partial backup that is sufficient to back up configuration files and the Management Console environment (custom views, rules, triggers, events, and other Management Console objects), create a do_support and run a full mqsexport.

A do_support is an aid to problem resolution usually sent in to BMC Support that can also be used to back up configuration files and other important data. The next section includes a description of how to run a do_support for backup purposes.

The mqsexport tool can create a full export of the Management Console environment. See Exporting and importing Monitor Console environmental components with the CLI.

Both do_support and mqsexport can be run while services are up, so no outage window is required to create a partial backup.

It is recommended to routinely execute mqsexport and do_support to back up critical TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor data. However, use of these tools does not replace the need for the ability to do a point in time recovery. A partial backup as accomplished by using do_support and mqsexport does not include executables, nor does it include history data.

TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor should be part of a disaster recovery plan. The data included in the plan should consist of the TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor install directory and subdirectories as well as the database.
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