Backing up before an upgrade or reinstall

As a precaution, BMC recommends that you back up your database before starting the upgrade process. Before attempting an upgrade or reinstallation, have a plan in place and the ability to recover your configuration in the event of a complication that causes a loss of data. This plan must include the availability of all persons who are needed to perform steps for either one of these functions (DBA, systems administrator, etc). Do not attempt an upgrade or reinstallation without both the plan and the ability to recover.

  • Do_support with full media contents and full mqsexport.

    do_support –m -x
  • Assurance from the database administrators that the database is recoverable to a point in time prior to the upgrade or reinstallation and that a DBA is available to perform the recovery.
  • A copy of the install directory and subdirectories in an archive format such as a zip or tar file. This archive file must be available during the upgrade or reinstallation procedure.

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