Associating an event template

  1. Enter edit mode and open Events> Templates> Associations tabs.

    The Associations tree is empty if this is the first time a topic is associated with a template rule.
  2. Expand the Template tree until your template appears. Leave the tree expanded.
  3. In the Physical or Logical tree, using your mouse select the topics you want to associate with your template rule.

    Use CTRL or SHIFT to select multiple topics.

    You must select topics of the same type that you defined in your trigger. For example, if you created a trigger for WebSphere MQ Local Queues, you can only associate WebSphere MQ queues with the template.
  4. Using the mouse drag the topics you selected onto your template.

    You have now associated your topics with your template rule and the topics automatically appear in the Associations tree.
  5. Click the Commit icon to save your changes to the database.
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