The following reference architecture diagram and table provide an overview of the components that compose the TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor (TMTM) product. 

For more information about how to plan your installation and architecture, see Planning.

TMTM basic deployment


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The TMTM services do not receive data directly from the Agent. Instead, the services register with the Topic Service as subscribers for the data that they are interested in. The Agent then sends one copy of each piece of information to the Topic Service, which then forwards a copy to each registered subscribing service. This publishing/subscribing architecture minimizes the amount of data that needs to be sent, and the corresponding overhead. This architecture also makes it much easier to support new technologies since the bulk of the components are unaffected (a new extension is simply added).

Monitor ConsoleWeb-based interface that enables you to view dashboards and monitored information and configure security, events, history, and policiesMonitor Console
DatabaseContains configuration information, object repository and raw and summarized history data

History data

Overview of objects

TMTM server
Topic ServiceReceives data from the Agents and functions as a broker for the subscriber servicesTopic Service
Subscriber services

The following subscriber services can receive data from the Topic Service:

  • Application Service: makes data available to user in dashboard
  • History Service: stores data into the database for reporting and analysis
  • ProactiveNet Service: streams data to TrueSight Infrastructure Management or ProactiveNet
  • Event Service: detects and alerts on conditions
Service administration
Agentless serviceProvides an optional way in which you can monitor some applications through an "agentless" configuration where no TMTM software is installed on the monitored technology hostAgent architecture
Monitored host
ExtensionsSpecific to each technology, extensions capture data from each corresponding technology and then passes it to the Agent that publishes itExtensions
AgentsInstalled on each system, there is one operating-specific Agent that accepts the data from all extensions and publishes it to the Topic ServiceAgent architecture

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