Adding a user to a group

You can perform this task using the Group Settings dialog box or the User Settings dialog box. The result is the same: a user is added to a group. Controls in the User Settings and group settings dialog boxes are described in Creating or modifying a user. You cannot add a user to a group in Active Directory Delegate Mode; only the Active Directory Security Administrator can perform this task in Active Directory.

Before you begin

To add a user to a group

  1. If the group is Read-Only (displayed in italic text), select the group and click the Toggle Read Only icon on the Security toolbar to show the group name in normal text.
  2. Double-click the group name to open the Group Settings dialog box.
  3. Click the green "+" button to open a list of available users.
  4. Check the users to add to this group, and click OK.
  5. Click Save Changes on the Security toolbar to add the new security information to the database.
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