8.1.00 enhancements

TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor (TMTM) 8.1.00 provides the following key features and enhancements: 

Simplification and modernization

Configuration Manager replaced with TrueSight Middleware Administrator (Monitor Edition)

The Configuration Manager has been replaced with a more modern and intuitive administration application. This new interface is a license limited edition of our TrueSight Middleware Administrator (TSMA) product called the “Monitor Edition” and supports those functions that were present for the Configuration Manager only. This has several important consequences.

  • Administrative (not monitoring) connection to individual queue managers is through IBM MQ client connections. TMTM provides policy-based creation of TSMA Connections so this effort can be automated.
  • Manual selection for monitoring of new MQ objects is now possible from the Monitor Console directly, although Policies are the recommended mechanism.
  • The browser Java Plugin is no longer required.
  • Improved browser support; Chrome and Firefox browsers are now supported.
  • Integration of TMTM to the full TSMA edition for customers of both products.
  • Customers can upgrade to the full TSMA product easily with a license key change.

TrueSight Middleware Administrator (TSMA) has been rebranded to MainView Middleware Administrator (MVMA). Note that TMTM supports TSMA 8.2 and MVMA 9.0.

This wiki includes references to both TSMA and MVMA, as both are currently supported by TMTM 8.1.

For more information about TrueSight Middleware Administrator (Monitor Edition), see Working with queue managers, queues, and channels

For a full overview of how you can integrate TMTM and TSMA, see TrueSight Middleware Administrator integration options.

You can quickly access the Monitor Edition by selecting Administrator Console from the TMTM launch page (ex. http://host:15007).

Online documentation 

The TMTM user documentation is now available online at http://docs.bmc.com.

To learn more about how to fully utilize the documentation to help you achieve a business goal, see Orientation.

Extended platform and technology support

Platform Support for TMTM Services

  • RHEL 7.x
  • Windows 2016

Note that support for AIX Services has been dropped (previously deprecated).

See System requirements and product compatibility for full details.

Platform Support for TMTM Agents/Extensions

  • RHEL 7.x
  • Windows 2016
  • z/OS 2.1, 2.2
  • IBM MQ Version 9 (LTS Release Supported, Continuous Delivery Releases)
  • IIB (Message Broker) 10.0.x

See System requirements and product compatibility for full details.

Database Support for TMTM Services

  • SQL Server 2016/2017
  • DB2 LUW 11.1

See System requirements and product compatibility for full details.

MQ accounting and statistics messages for summary counts

The IBM MQ monitoring extension can now process messages from the MQ Accounting and Statistics queues. This enhancement provides more granular statistics for dashboards, events, and reporting on application behavior, such as expired messages, failed API calls, message persistence, time spent on queues, and much more. Note: This feature is disabled by default as it requires additional memory usage by the Agent, WebSphere MQ Monitoring Extension, and Topic Service.  If you enable this feature, you may require additional memory on those machines.  Contact BMC Support for sizing assistance. For details, see Collecting and publishing data from the WebSphere MQ accounting and statistics messages.

Extended DataPower monitoring

The support model for DataPower appliances (physical and virtual) is now based on firmware version rather than model number. Version 8.1.00 now supports all Datapower devices (physical and virtual) with firmware versions 6.0.2, 7.0.0, 7.1.0, 7.2.0, 7.5.x and have added support for the new objects and attributes associated with those firmware versions.

Report packs

Sample reports are now supplied that collect key data across all instances of a type (e.g., across all Local Queues in the IBM MQ estate or all Message Flows across the IBM Integration Bus estate).


Signed Java jar files are now code signed with SHA-256.

And more...

The following miscellaneous enhancements were also made.

  • During the discovery phase you now have an option of not saving the PERMDYN queues in the database.
  • The dialog used for performing policy copy including subcomponents has been improved.
  • Menu actions on the Object Repository tree have been improved with progress indicators and better result dialogs.
  • A bulk monitor selection dialog has been added for IBM MQ objects.
  • On AIX, the MAXDATA setting for the agent and IBM MQ configuration and monitoring extensions has been changed to 0x40000000.
  • Improved error logging of connection attempts at start up.
  • The version and preferences of the IBM Integration Bus (Message Broker) monitoring extension are now logged.
  • Improved the tooltip for the event template delete button when object associations exist.
  • A default HTTPS certificate is now generated at install time (instead of build time).
  • Migration of data during upgrades now takes place automatically the first time the services are started after the upgrade rather than requiring execution of the mqsmigrate utility.
  • Validation of key media files is performed when services are started to catch media or file system issues as early as possible.
  • The Monitor Console was rebranded for TrueSight.

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