Starting version 8.9.03, BMC Server Automation is renamed to TrueSight Server Automation. This space contains information about BMC Server Automation 8.9.02 and previous versions. For TrueSight Server Automation 8.9.03 and later releases, see TrueSight Server Automation 8.9.

Viewing the status of a job

After a job has been submitted, you can check the status of the job at any time to see if the job succeeded, failed, or is waiting to execute.

To check job status

  1. Open the Jobs folder.
  2. Navigate to a job.
  3. Right-click the job and select Show Resultsto display its job runs. The status of the job is indicated by the color-coded symbol to the left of the job instance.
    • Green — Completed Successfully
    • Yellow — Completed with Warnings
    • Red — Completed with Errors

For information about additional status types that apply to jobs configured for BMC Remedy ITSM approval, see Status types for change management approval jobs.

If a problem occurs

Job run results include a status code that provides additional details at both the target (for servers and components) and the run level for the job run results. The codes categorize the results into groups of known error conditions, providing a clear indication for job failure or an explanation of a specific status. For example, status codes are generated for known common errors such as access denied, out of memory, database error, and so on.

Under the Job Results view, right-click the job run and select Show Log. The log results are organized by progress status, followed by the error codes, then finally by the targets under each error code. The message text for the error code is presented in the results pane, under the Message column.


The Job Priority column in the Job Results view indicates the execution priority (Critical, Normal, or Low) that is associated with a job run. For more information, see About job priorities.

The following list indicates the status codes you may encounter when viewing the job log for a specific job type.

  • Aborted
  • Access Denied
  • Already Running
  • Canceled
  • Connection Refused
  • Connection Timed Out
  • Database Error
  • Host Unreachable
  • No Agent
  • Out of Memory
  • Server Offline
  • Unlicensed Agent
  • Unknown Host


    Not all status codes are available for every job type.

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