Starting version 8.9.03, BMC Server Automation is renamed to TrueSight Server Automation. This space contains information about BMC Server Automation 8.9.02 and previous versions. For TrueSight Server Automation 8.9.03 and later releases, see TrueSight Server Automation 8.9.

Job types

The following types of jobs are available in BMC Server Automation:

Job type


ACL Push Jobs

Convert the permissions for servers into entries in access control lists and then copies those lists to agents.

Agent Installer Jobs

Install multiple agents on agentless devices.

Atrium Import Jobs

Transfer business service data from a BMC Atrium CMDB to the BMC Server Automation database. For more information, see Transferring business service data from BMC Atrium CMDB to BMC Server Automation in the BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite solution documentation.

Audit Jobs

Determine whether server configurations comply with a standard configuration.

Batch Jobs

Run a concatenated series of other jobs on remote servers.

Compliance Jobs

Determine whether components satisfy compliance rules established for a component template.

Component Discovery Jobs

Associate components with servers that match conditions that you define for each component template.

Deregister Configuration Objects Jobs

Remove implementation files for custom server objects from servers.

Distribute Configuration Objects Jobs

Distribute implementation files for custom server objects to servers where you want to use these objects.

File Deploy Jobs

Copy files and directories from a managed server to multiple locations.

Network Shell Script Jobs

Deploy and execute Network Shell scripts on remote servers.

Patching Jobs

Manage patch configurations on servers running any operating system by comparing the patches on those servers to standard configurations or to collections of patches that you specify.

Provision Jobs

Perform unattended installations of operating systems on new machines ("bare metal" machines) or re-provision existing machines.

Publish Product Catalog Jobs

Publish component template property values to the Product Catalog in Atrium CMDB. For more information, see Publishing the Product Catalog in the BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite solution space.

SCAP Compliance Jobs

Analyzes selected servers for compliance with rules and checklists in a selected SCAP benchmark.

Software and BLPackage Deploy Jobs

Deploy BLPackages and software installables to remote servers without user interaction.

Snapshot Jobs

Record the configuration of a group of server objects at a point in time.

Update Server Properties Jobs

Obtain the most recent property settings from agents and update them in the BMC Server Automation Console.

Upgrade Model Objects Jobs

Upgrade policy-based objects — that is, component templates, BLPackages, and server object-based Snapshot and Audit Jobs — so they reference the most recent version of a server object.

Virtual Guest Jobs

Deploy new VMware virtual machines on the VMware vCenter server (which must be a BMC Server Automation managed server).

Virtual Guest Template Enrollment Jobs

Automatically discover operating system templates on VMware and Citrix XenServer systems, and create Virtual Guest Packages for the discovered templates.

Virtual Infrastructure Discovery Jobs

Provide a view of the virtual machine inventory, without having to manually find and register each virtual machine.

Workflow Jobs

Manage BMC Atrium Orchestrator workflow processes from any BMC Atrium Orchestrator run book module through the BMC Server Automation Console.

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