Starting version 8.9.03, BMC Server Automation is renamed to TrueSight Server Automation. This space contains information about BMC Server Automation 8.9.02 and previous versions. For TrueSight Server Automation 8.9.03 and later releases, see TrueSight Server Automation 8.9.

Changing or adding devices in a Provision Job

You can add or delete devices for an existing Provision Job. You can also view and edit device settings such as Computer Name, OM Server Name, IP address, and so on.

To add or delete devices for a Provision Job

  1. Open the Jobs folder, navigate to a Provision Job, right-click the job and select Open.
  2. Click the Devices tab.
  3. See Provision Job - Devices for information about adding and deleting devices.
  4. Consider whether to change the scheduling information about the Schedules tab.
    When you are finished changing the Provision Job, click the Provision Job tab and then click File > Save.


    This procedure does not change the Job name. Typically, it is not necessary to change the Job name. The Job log produced during Job execution names the devices included in that Job run.
    If necessary, you can change Job names manually in the Jobs folder. You can also copy a Job and paste a new Job with a new name.

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