Starting version 8.9.03, BMC Server Automation is renamed to TrueSight Server Automation. This space contains information about BMC Server Automation 8.9.02 and previous versions. For TrueSight Server Automation 8.9.03 and later releases, see TrueSight Server Automation 8.9.

Agent install first boot script - AIX

The Agent Install/First Boot Script tab lets you specify processes you would like to run after the operating system is installed on the server.

You can use this tab to:

  • Choose whether you want to install a BMC Server Automation RSCD agent. An agent must be installed on every server you want to manage using the BMC Server Automation Console or Network Shell.
  • Choose whether you want to run a Batch Job. A Batch Job can sequentially run a series of other jobs that install software and perform additional configuration on the server.
  • Specify the NIM first boot script you want to run after the operating system is installed. This script runs before any post-install Batch Job that you specify.

Field definitions

Install RSCD agent

Check this option to install an agent on the server being provisioned.

Before installing the RSCD agent, the provisioning process dynamically computes the size of these disk partitions on the target server and extends them if necessary:

  • The /tmp partition
  • The partition on which the agent is to be installed (for example, /opt)
    For these extensions to be successful, you must ensure that each partition is mounted on a logical volume with enough space the partition to be extended.
    Use the following AIX operating system commands:
  • To show information about the current size of the file system, percentage of utilization, and the name of its logical volume, enter:
  • To show information about the logical volume, including its volume group nam, enter:
    lslv logicalVolumeName
    For information about required space for RSCD agent installation, see Minimum hardware requirements.

Push ACLs

Check this option to push the ACLs defined for the server in the BMC Server Automation system to the RSCD agent you are installing on the server.
Selecting this option automatically translates the permissions you have defined for the server in the BMC Server Automation system into a users configuration file on the RSCD agent. In this way, you control users' access to the server not only through the BMC Server Automation Console but also through Network Shell and the BLCLI.

Run post-install batch job

Check this option to run a post-install Batch Job that can install software and configure the server. Then for Path to post-install job, enter the path to the job or click Browse to select it.
In order to check Run post-install batch job, you must also check Install RSCD agent, because running a post-install job requires that there is an agent installed on the server.
If you specify a Post-install Batch Job, make sure that the provisioning operator who runs the provisioning wizard logs is using a role that has Read and Execute authorizations on the Batch Job and has Read and Execute authorizations on all the Jobs contained in the Batch Job.

Firstboot Script

Specify the contents of the NIM first boot script by doing one of the following:

  • Type the name of a local property that contains the script, enclosing the property name with double question marks.
  • Click Select Property to display a drop-down menu of available properties. Select the property that contains the script.
  • Type a shell script directly in the input box. Note that you cannot use property-based parameters in this type of script.

    The following example script installs perl on the target server during the first boot:

    #!/usr/bin/ksh #Installing perl  echo “downloading the perl” wget echo “Installing perl on the target” rpm -i bash-3.2-4.aix5.1.ppc.rpm 

The expected echo return code is: $?

The script runs one time immediately after an unattended installation of the operating system.

Proceed to the NIM scripts tab.

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