Install Uninstall tab for a component template

The Install/Uninstall tab lets you associate Batch Jobs with a component template. After you make these associations, you can run the Batch Job to create a component on a target device or to delete a component.

After you associate install and uninstall Batch Jobs with a component template, you can install components. For more information, see Installing or uninstalling a component.

Associating Batch Jobs with a component template lets you manage the full life cycle of a component. The Batch Job can run any type of job necessary to deploy parts of a component. Then the Batch Job can run a Discovery Job to create the component. Similarly, for uninstalls the Batch Job can delete all parts of a component and then run a Discovery Job to classify the existing component as invalid.

These Batch Jobs can include any combination of BLPackage Deploy, File Deploy, and Network Shell Script Jobs needed to create or uninstall components. The Batch Job must also include a Component Discovery Job. Typically, discovery jobs run last in the Batch Job sequence, although that is not a requirement. A Discovery Job cannot be the first job in a Batch Job.

When you associate a Batch Job with a component template, the system validates the structure of the Batch Job when you save or export the template or when you run an install or uninstall of the template.

Field definitions

Installer Batch Job

Identifies the Batch Job to use to install components.

Uninstaller Batch Job

Identifies the Batch Job to use to uninstall components.

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