Setting up provisioning jobs and post-provisioning jobs

The topics in the following table provide information about setting up provisioning jobs and post-provisioning jobs.

A provisioning job performs the unattended installation of an operating system on a server. It is the basic utility BMC Server Automation provides for provisioning physical servers.

A provisioning job can optionally include a post-provisioning step that launches a Batch Job, and the Batch Job can run a series of concatenated BMC Server Automation jobs. Using a Batch Job, you can build out the server stack as part of initial provisioning. For example, a provisioning job can run a Batch Job consisting of multiple sub-jobs that configure a web server.

Related topics
Creating a Provision Job

Describes all the actions you must take to step through creation of a Provision Job, which begins the unattended installation of an operating system.

The Provision Job is a wizard that includes a series of panels. This topic introduces the Provision Job and describes all information you must provide on each panel to define and run the job.

Including a Batch Job in a system packageDescribes the steps you must take to include a post-provisioning Batch Job in a Provision Job. The steps vary by operating system. For information about how to define a Batch Job, see Creating a Batch Job.
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