The iDRAC panel

The iDRAC panel in the Provision Job lets you select the operating system drivers to install on the iDRAC device.

You can also specify that the iDRAC device boots from a network ISO or an ISO on the vFlash of the iDRAC.

Field definitions

Use drivers from datastore

Select this option to use drivers stored in the data store. Then browse to the data store folder where the drivers are stored. To use this option, you must first copy drivers to the data store with the Copy drivers to data store option. Information you specify in this field overrides the drivers specified in the system package.

Use drivers present on the Dell iDRAC device

Select this option to use drivers that reside on the iDRAC device instead of those in the data store. Then select the drivers from the OS Drivers list. For jobs that provision multiple iDRAC devices, this option is supported only for devices with iDRAC Firmware 1.3. This option is not supported for provisioning with Windows 2003 system packages.


  • If you are provisioning an iDRAC device with Windows 2008 x64 or Windows 2008 R2 x64, do not select this option. If you do, the job does not complete, due to a limitation with iDRAC.
  • Selecting this option can add up to 20 minutes to overall provisioning time. (When BMC Server Automation sends the initialization command to iDRAC, it can take the iDRAC device up to 20 minutes to extract drivers and make them available for provisioning.)

Boot to network ISO

Boots the device from the ISO image in the data store. You can specify an ISO image different from the one on the vFlash.

Boot to iDRAC vFlash ISO

Boots the device from the ISO image on the vFlash. The image must already be present on the vFlash. (Use the Stage ISO to vFlash option.)

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