Provisioning servers

When you create a Provision Job, you can optionally select devices to provision. More typically, you create and save a Provision Job without devices. Later, you open the Provision Job, add devices that are ready to provision, and run the Job. You can rerun the same job many times, with new devices selected each time.

To be provisioned, a device must be imported into the BMC Server Automation Console and appear in the Devices folder.

To provision servers, you create and run Provision Jobs. The table provides links to topics for provisioning servers.


Changing or adding devices in a Provision Job

You can add or delete devices for an existing Provision Job. You can also view and edit device settings such as Computer Name, OM Server Name, IP address, and so on.
Executing a Provision Job

This topic describes how to execute an existing Provision Job from the Jobs folder, and provides an overview of what happens when the job executes.

Viewing the results of a Provision Job

After running a Provision Job, you can display results in a tab in the content editor.

The tab for the job contains a hierarchical tree that shows results for each run of the job. Each run displays results for each target server provisioned by the job run.

Provisioning multiple servers - tips

The Provision Job wizard has several features that automate the process of creating unique values for Computer Name and OM Server Name. This topic provides tips for using options to automatically generate computer names for the devices.
Provisioning iDRAC devicesYou can provision servers equipped with the Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC). 

You can import both iDRAC6 Express and iDRAC6 Enterprise level devices into the BMC Server Automation system and provision them with the Windows operating system. After iDRAC devices are managed in the system, you can copy drivers from an iDRAC device to a data store so they can be shared for provisioning other iDRAC devices in the system. For servers equipped with iDRAC6 Enterprise with Virtual Flash (vFlash) and Firmware 1.3, you can also download the .iso to the iDRAC vFlash.
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