Provisioning target servers with ESXi 5.0

You can perform a statefull installation of ESXi 5.0.

To provision servers with ESXi 5.0

  1. On the TFTP server, make sure that the PXELINUX.0 file in tftproot is version 3.86 and that the file named ifcpu64.c32 is present. You can obtain the correct version of the file from provided with BMC Server Automation installation.
  2. Create a folder for ESXi 5.0 on the TFTP server.
    For example, directory <TFTP install directory>\tftproot\X86PC\pxelinux\esxi5 on the TFTP server.
  3. Download and extract the ISO for ESXi 5.0 to the above folder on the TFTP server.
  4. In the extracted ISO folder:
    1. Open the file BOOT.CFG.
    2. Replace all slashes (/) with spaces.
    3. Save the file.
  5. In the BMC Server Automation Console menu bar, select Configuration > Provisioning Configuration.
  6. Select the system package type for VMWare ESXi 5.0 and click Edit.
    For more information on System package type, see VMware ESX and ESXi system package type.
  7. Configure the boot files location to point to the MBOOT.C32 and BOOT.CFG files in the extracted ISO folder, under your ESXi 5.0 folder in tftproot. For example, the esxi5 folder you created in step 2.
  8. Save the system package type configuration and exit the configuration window.


    ESXi 5.0 does not require an RSCD agent installation file. This operating system uses agentless managed objects.

  9. Configure a system package referencing the ESXi 5.0 system package type.
  10. Create a Provision Job that references the system package, import devices, add those devices to the Provision Job, and execute your Provision Job.


    The BMILINUX.log file generated on the host after provisioning is located directly under / instead of in the /root folder used by other operating system versions.

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