Folders, access control, and system package sharing - an example

This is an example of how you can use system package folders and access control to appropriately share access to a system package at different stages of development.

Suppose that in your organization, there are certain users who are responsible for designing system packages and other users who are responsible for running the provisioning wizard to provision the devices.

  1. As BMC Server Automation administrator, you create two roles. For example:
    • ProvisioningDesigners
    • ProvisioningOperators
  2. In the Depot folder, you create two folders for system packages. For example:
    • InDevelopment — When you set the access control list (ACL) for this folder, give access only to the ProvisioningDesigners role.
    • ApprovedForProduction — When you set the ACL for this folder, give access to both the ProvisioningDesigners role and the ProvisioningOperators role.
  3. A user with the ProvisioningDesigners role might then create a system package in the InDevelopment folder, and work on it there until it is approved for production. During this time, the only users with access to the system package are users who have the ProvisioningDesigners role.
  4. When the system package is approved and ready for production, the designer might move the system package to the ApprovedForProduction folder, where both ProvisioningOperators and ProvisioningDesigners can access the system package.
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