Patch Downloader utility for Oracle Enterprise Linux

The Patch Downloader utility for Oracle Enterprise Linux provided by BMC uses a configuration file to download metadata and payload from the Oracle website.

Creation of a patch catalog requires that the following packages are pre-installed on the server that hosts the patch repository:


Tested version





Note the following:

  • You do not require createrepo and pythonurl-grabber if you are using a Microsoft Windows server to run the Patch Downloader utility.
  • The versions above were used for testing and validation. Later versions of these packages are known to work but have not been officially qualified with the product.
  • Ensure that your Linux machine has the glibc.i686 or glibc.i386 library installed. Alternatively, you can ensure that the JRE version is upgraded to 1.8 or later.

The downloader is either oel_downloader.bat (for running on Microsoft Windows) or (for running on UNIX). To install, extract the file and place it in a directory on the server.

The following topics explain how to build the configuration files and how to use the downloader utility for Oracle Enterprise Linux:

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