Defining the location of Microsoft Windows installation media for Microsoft Office 2003 patch deployment

To deploy Microsoft Office 2003 patches, BMC Server Automation must have access to a network location containing installation media for Microsoft Office. Because target servers can run different versions of Microsoft Office, you may need to specify a different location for each target server.

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Before you begin

  • Prepare a network location where BMC Server Automation can access the installation media for Microsoft Office during patch deployment (SMB Share).
  • Set up a user name and password for access to the installation media.


    BMC recommends that you deploy missing service packs before beginning hotfix deployment.

To define the location of Microsoft Windows installation media for Microsoft Office patch deployment

  1. In the Servers folder, right-click the target server or smart group and select Set Property.
  2. Enter the following information:




    Enter the full, UNC-formatted, path to the location where the installation media is located.


    Enter a user name that BMC Server Automation can use to access the installation media.


    Enter the password for the user name supplied in MS_OFFICE_INSTALL_USERNAME.

  3. Click OK.

Where to go from here

Ensure that you have completed all tasks listed in Preparatory tasks for patch management.

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