Performing patch analysis

You run a Patching Job to identify missing patches on your servers. A Patching Job uses the information contained in the patch catalog to analyze one or more target servers for patch compliance. 

There are three parts to the patch process:

  • Analysis — The Patch Analysis Job analyzes the configuration of target servers and determines the required patches.
  • Remediation — The Patch Remediation Job downloads the payload from the vendor sites to the Patch Repository, packages the payload as a BLPackage, and creates a Deploy Job for each BLPackage to apply the patch at target servers.

  • Deploy — The Deploy Jobs created during remediation are run to deliver the required patches to targets requiring remediation.

You can choose to run only the analysis part of a Patching Job, and then run remediation later, or you can run remediation immediately after the analysis.

The following topics describe the process of using BMC Server Automation to analyze the systems in your environment to see if there are systems that require patches and updates. 

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