Undo a Patch Deploy Job

BMC Server Automation supports undo when you are deploying Windows or AIX patches. You can access the Deploy Jobs results to undo the following types of packages:

  • Packages that are in the committed state for Windows Patching Jobs
  • Filesets that are in the applied state for AIX Patching Jobs

You cannot undo AIX Deploy Jobs after the AIX Server has been migrated to another version.


When you perform this procedure on a Deploy Job in an Incomplete state, the Deploy Job remains in an Incomplete state. If you perform it on a job in a Failed or Succeeded state, the job remains in a Failed or Succeeded state.

To undo a Patch Deploy Job

  1. Display job results by selecting a job, right-clicking, and selecting Show Results from the pop-up menu.
  2. Select the corresponding Deploy Job for filesets that you want to undo.
  3. Do one of the following actions:
    • To undo the applied filesets, select the corresponding job run and select Undo from the pop-up menu.
    • To undo deployed packages for selected servers, click the Deploy Status tab if it is not already selected. Select cells in the Commit column for those servers where you want to undo packages. Use Shift-click or Ctrl-click to select multiple cells. Right-click and select Undo from the pop-up menu.
    A confirmation dialog box shows the BLPackage or the software packages that are being rolled back and lists the servers on which you are undoing the Deploy Job.
  4. To confirm the undo, click OK.
    A dialog box announces that the undo is in process and allows you to cancel the undo if necessary.


    After undoing a Deploy Job, you can display the Deploy Status panel again. It displays a column called Rollback, which shows the status of the undo. Selecting a cell under the Rollback column displays messages for the undo on that server.

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