Viewing Remediation Job results

Use the following procedure to view the results of a Patch Remediation Job.

  1. In the Jobs folder, navigate to the job name.
  2. Right-click the job name and select Show Results.
  3. Click a job run of interest and review the messages in the log.
  4. To examine the generated Deploy Jobs, expand the job run node.
    Analysis and remediation results are displayed on separate lines. All remediation runs of a Patching Job run are displayed (each as a separate node), regardless of whether remediation was invoked automatically or manually.
  5. Expand the remediation results node with the relevant date and time.
    Nodes are displayed for the Download run and for one or more Deploy Job runs.


    The Batch Job run associated with the remediation is not displayed here. To view results for such a Batch Job, follow the instructions in Viewing Batch Job results for remediation.

    As an alternative for viewing the associated Deploy Jobs, perform the following steps:

    1. Return to the Folder view and expand the Jobs folder.

    2. Under Jobs, navigate to the location you specified in the Save Batch/Deploy Job(s) in field on the Remediation Options panel (see Creating a Remediation Job).
      That location holds the following new Jobs:

      • One Batch Deploy Job, which provides a way to deploy all patching jobs with a single submission.
      • One or more individual Deploy Jobs. (The following example contains one Deploy Job.)
  6. To examine the generated software packages (BLPackages), return to the Folder view and expand the Depot folder. Under Depot, navigate to the location you specified in the Save package(s) in: field on the Remediation Options panel. (See Creating a Remediation Job.)

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