Support for multiple Technology Level filters

In earlier versions of BMC Server Automation, you could add only one Technology Level (TL) to a catalog. Therefore, to analyze more than one IBM AIX target, you needed to create more than one catalog. As of BMC Server Automation 8.2.01, you can add more than one TL filter for an OS version to a catalog and you can, therefore, analyze all the AIX targets by using a single catalog.
When you analyze the targets, the missing patches for each TL are displayed. Any missing patches that are common across TLs are displayed for only the latest TL. After you have deployed the missing TLs to the targets, all the targets are upgraded to the latest TL.
If you want to deploy a subset of the TLs in a catalog to the targets, you can use list-based analysis.

When you use list-based analysis to analyze the targets to upgrade them to a specific TL, BMC recommends including one TL at a time in the list-based analysis filter to ensure that the targets are upgraded to that TL.

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