Running Deploy Jobs for CentOS and HP-UX patches

As part of the packaging process, BMC Server Automation Vendor Patch Content creates:


To prevent inconsistent results, perform analysis and packaging in the same mode. Therefore, if you perform analysis in NIM mode, do not switch to non-NIM mode for packaging.

Before you begin

Before you begin packaging and deployment, ensure that the following actions have already been performed:

  • (Offline Patching) Patches have been downloaded and transferred, via removable storage, to a patch repository
  • The Patch Analysis Job has been run with the Script Mode parameter set to:
    • For HP-UX: d (Download) and a (Analysis)
    • For CentOS: a (Analysis)
  • You have reviewed and made changes as needed to the configuration file, jython.conf. For more information, see Configuring options for packaging and deployment of HP-UX and CentOS patches.

To package and run the deploy job

  1. In the BMC Server Automation Console, locate and open the Patch Analysis Job.
  2. Select the Parameters tab.
  3. Enter or check values for the following packaging parameters:

    ParameterRecommended value
    Script Modep (Packaging)
    Auto Execute Deploy Batch JobSelect either:
    • 0: Deploy Job is not executed after packaging.
    • 1: Deploy Job is executed after packaging.

    URL_TYPESelect AGENT_COPY_AT_STAGING for patch payload to be copied to a staging directory during the staging phase of deployment.
    Network URLDefine a network location for patch storage using one of the following protocols:
    • (UNIX) NFS Protocol
    • (Microsoft Windows) SMB Protocol
  4. Right-click the Network Shell Script Job and select Execute.
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