Import - Map Missing Network Shell Scripts

Use the Map Missing NSH Scripts panel to identify Network Shell scripts to replace scripts referenced by a Network Shell Script Job you plan to import.

The Import wizard only displays this panel if the object you plan to import is a Network Shell Script Job and it references a script that does not exist in your Depot, or you are importing a Batch Job that includes a Network Shell Script Job referencing a missing script.

When an imported Network Shell Script Job references a missing script, the import process automatically maps the job to an existing Network Shell script if the script has the same name as the missing script. If the import process fails to do this mapping, you must manually map the script job to an existing script on the destination system.

Field definitions

NSH Scripts Selection

In the NSH Scripts Selection list, select a script and click Change NSH Script Mapping .
When the Select Depot Object dialog box opens, navigate to the script to replace the missing script you selected, and click OK.
Repeat this process for each script in the list.

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