Dragging and dropping jobs and targets

Dragging and dropping jobs and targets saves you from stepping through wizards.

You can drag and drop a job on an appropriate target, and you can drag and drop a target onto an appropriate job. In addition to dragging and dropping single targets, you can also drag target groups such as Servers, Components, Server Groups, and Component Groups.

For example, you can drag a job from the Folders view and Group Explorer view and drop it onto a target object (such as a server group or job) that is relevant to the job type. The action executes the selected job against the selected target.

If the action needs additional information to execute successfully, you are prompted for information. For example, the list of Available Servers appears so that you can choose additional targets. The behavior is similar to the Execute against action (see Executing a job against specific targets).

You cannot use drag and drop to execute a Batch Job if the Batch Job is set up so it uses target servers defined in individual jobs.

Before you begin

At minimum, ensure that you have Read, Execute, and ModifyTargets authorizations for the job. For example, to execute an Audit Job, your role must have, at minimum, AuditJob.Read, AuditJob.Execute, and AuditJob.ModifyTargets authorizations.

To drag and drop a job against specific targets

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Using the Jobs folder, navigate to a job. Select the job and drag it to a target server or server group in the Servers folder. If the target can be a component, drag the job to a component or component group in the Components or Component Templates folder.
    • Using the Servers folder, navigate to a server or server folder and drag it to a job in the Jobs folder. If the target can be a component, use the Components or Components Templates folders to drag a component or a component group to the job.
  2. Release the job or target.
    The Execute Job window appears.
  3. To execute the job immediately, click OK.
    If necessary, you can specify additional targets before executing the job.
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