Customizing preferences

The BMC Server Automation Preferences window provides you with a centralized location for managing the look and behavior of your console.

Preferences are not intended to modify or reference a resource currently defined in the workspace, such as a job or server. Instead, they are intended to tailor editors, views, or other objects with which you perform operations on a resource. The changes you make in the Preferences window persist until you make additional changes or restore the original defaults.

To set and save preferences

  1. Choose Window > Preferences.
  2. To see preference categories in the hierarchy at left, do one of the following:
    • Enter text in the filter text box to narrow your choices in the preferences tree. For example, to set preferences for keystroke combinations, enter Key in the filter text box. Click Key in the preference explorer to open the Keys preference window. Click Clear Filter to see all choices again.
    • Navigate through the preference explorer to the preference settings you want.
  3. Use the tools in the toolbar at right to navigate the different preference windows settings.
    • Use the arrows to cycle backwards (left) and forward (right) through the preference windows to which you have navigated.
    • Use the down arrows to list the preference windows (back and forward) to which you have navigated.
    • Use the down arrow to resize the preferences settings tree at left or execute key scrolling.
  4. To set preferences, see
  5. Select from the following actions:
    • Choose Restore Defaults to remove preferences.
    • Choose Apply to activate new preferences.
  6. Select each node that is currently expanded or was expanded during the current session. Then select File > Refresh or press F5.
    The new preferences are applied to the refreshed node and its children.
    While not all new settings require a refresh, it is a good practice to perform a refresh on each node to ensure that the new preferences are applied.
  7. To exit the Preferences window, click OK. The console automatically saves your preferences.
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