Viewing messages broadcast from the Application Server

The administrator can broadcast messages to all users of RCP clients associated with Application Servers. A message pop-up notification is displayed upon arrival of the message. You can also view your messages through the Messages view.


You can turn off the display upon arrival notification of the message through the Preferences dialog box.

The following pages contain instructions for the administrator regarding the configuration and broadcasting of these messages:

 Messages in the Messages view are identified by the following attributes:

  • Status
  • Importance (whether high priority)
  • From (sender's user name and role)
  • Message subject
  • Creation date
  • Expiry date

To view messages from the administrator

  1. Perform one of the following actions:
    • Choose Window > Show View > Messages.
    • From the toolbar, click Message View .
  2. To open a specific message and view its body text, double-click the message.
    The Message Details dialog box opens to display the full message text.

For more information about working with views, see Working with perspectives and views.

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