Server objects - management concepts

You can perform a variety of actions on server objects.

Here are the most common actions you perform on server objects:

  • Browse — Using the hierarchical tree in the Servers folder, expand servers to examine the server objects they contain. For more information about server objects, see Server browse options.
  • Snapshot — Create Snapshot Jobs that record the configuration of server objects. For more information, see Creating and modifying Snapshot Jobs.
  • Audit — Create Audit Jobs that compare server object configurations on multiple servers to a master configuration in the form of a snapshot, component, or live server. For more information, see Creating and modifying Audit Jobs.
  • Compliance — Create Compliance Jobs that determine whether one or more servers satisfy collections of compliance rules. For more information, see Creating Compliance Jobs.
  • Deploy — Deploy software and packages of server objects to other servers. For more information, see Software and BLPackage Deploy Job overview. To deploy files, you can also use a File Deploy Job (see Creating and modifying File Deploy Jobs).

The Servers folder also lets you perform the following administrative tasks while managing server objects:

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