Assigning a server to a server group

You can assign a server to a specific server group.

To assign a server to a server group

  1. Open the Servers folder.
  2. Right-click the server group where you want to add a server. Then select Assign Servers to Group from the pop-up menu. The Assign Servers to Group dialog box opens.
  3. The Available Servers list shows all the servers in the system's internal list of servers. These servers have either been added manually (see Adding a server to the system) or imported through a text file (see Importing servers into the system).
    You can use the Available Servers drop-down menu if you want to limit your display to servers of a particular operating system.
  4. If the Available Servers list includes multiple servers, their names may be listed in pages. The number of servers displayed in each page is determined by the Page Size preference (see Customizing preferences). If servers are presented in pages, you can do any of the following to navigate through the list:
    • Click Next or Previous to display the next or previous page of servers.
    • Click First or Last to display the first or last page of servers.
    • Enter the number of the page of servers that you want to display. For example, suppose there are 120 servers in the list and the Page Size preference is set at 20 (meaning there are six pages of 20 servers). If you want to display the third page, enter 3/6. The system displays the third of six possible pages.
    • Click Filter to display the Filters dialog box. For Name, enter a string and click Filter. The list of servers is narrowed to display only servers with names that include the string you entered in the Filters dialog box.
  5. Use the arrow buttons to move servers between the Available Servers list and the Selected Servers list.
  6. When the Selected Servers list shows the servers you want, click OK to finish adding the servers. The servers now appear under the server group you specified.
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