Managing servers

In BMC Server Automation, the Servers folder gives you a variety of utilities for managing the servers in your system. For more information on using the Server folder, see the following table:

TaskSee the following topic(s)
Learn more about managing servers in BMC Server Automation

Servers folder overview

Properties and servers

Server organization concepts

Server objects - management concepts

Add an individual server to your BMC Server Automation environment

Walkthrough: Adding a Windows managed server

Adding a server to the system

Note: This topic also describes installing an agent on a server if an agent does not exist.

Add servers in bulk using a text file

Importing servers into the system

 Walkthrough: Adding multiple target servers to the environment

Assign servers to server groups

Assigning a server to a server group

Moving or copying a server between server groups

Add and populate additional server properties

Server properties - update concepts

Updating one server's properties

Editable intrinsic properties for servers

Creating or modifying Update Server Properties Jobs

Browse a server

Server browse options

Contents of the Live node

Decommission a serverDecommissioning a server
Execute custom commands

Executing custom commands

Related topics

 Licensing considerations in server management

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