Viewing information about recent job runs

You can view a list of recently completed job runs through the Completed Job Runs view. The Completed Job Runs view helps you find the jobs that you recently ran and presents the following basic information for each job run:

  • Status in which the job completed
  • Start time and end time of the job run
  • Name and type of job
  • User and role who ran the job

From any specific job run in the list, you can access the job run log or open the job in the content editor.

To open the Completed Job Runs view

Perform one of the following actions:

  • Choose Window > Show View > Completed Job Runs.
  • From the toolbar, click View completed job runs .

The Completed Job Runs view is displayed. Job runs are displayed in descending order of their end times, with a default of up to 100 job runs from the last 12 hours.

For more information about working with views, see Working with perspectives and views.

To manage the display of job runs in the list

To change the display of job runs in the Completed Job Runs view, you can perform any of the following actions:

  • To sort jobs according to any of the displayed job attributes, click the relevant column header.
    To sort in ascending order, click once. To sort in descending order, click a second time.
    By default, job runs are sorted in descending order of their end times.
  • To change the number of job runs in the list by setting a different duration of recent time from which to list job runs, click the arrow next to the Select duration icon , and select the length of time.
    By default, job runs are from the last 12 hours, and you can extend the duration to 24 hours, 48 hours, or 1 week. A maximum of 100 job runs is displayed.

    To limit the inclusion of job runs in the list based on role or user, set your preferences in the Preferences dialog box, as described in Preference settings - BladeLogic category.

  • To refresh the list and include any new job runs that have occurred since the last refresh, click Refresh .

To open a job run log

Double-click the specific job run.

A dialog box with job results and job log messages is displayed. This dialog box differs, depending on the type of job.

To open an associated job in the editor

Right-click the specific job run and select Open Associated Job in Editor.

The job is opened on a new tab in the content editor.

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