Additional command line options for logon

When you use a Microsoft Windows or UNIX command line to launch the BMC Server Automation Console, you can append parameters to the command. The parameters provide the location of files that can be used during logon.

For example, when you start the console on Windows, you can identify the location of the authentication profile file by entering the following command:

.\rcp\BSAClient.exe \-w "C:\bmc_doc\Doc\authenticationProfiles.xml"

If you do not append parameters to the command, the logon process assumes the files reside in default locations. For information about the files, see Setting override locations for client SSO files.

The following table describes the parameters that you can append during logon:

Logon parameter



Location of session credential cache file.

When you log on, the system issues you a session credential, which the console uses to establish a secure connection with the Application Server. You can choose to cache your session credential.


Location of authentication profile file.

Authentication profiles are collections of information that a BMC Server Automation client application needs to log on. All authentication profiles are stored in one XML file. Within that file each authentication profile must be assigned a unique name.


Location of trusted keystore.

The trusted keystore is a list of trusted certificates. When you first use the BMC Server Automation Console to log on, the authentication process presents you with a certificate to trust. If you accept it, the certificate is added to the trusted keystore.

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