Modifying a Network Shell script

The procedure for modifying a Network Shell script that you have already added to the Depot has minor differences from the procedure for creating new Network Shell script. For example, you cannot modify the File location and File encoding fields in the Script Options panel of the content editor.

To modify a Network Shell script

Take any of the following actions:

  • To modify the definition of an existing Network Shell script, open the Depot folder and navigate to the script. Right-click the script and select Open from the pop-up menu. The content editor displays a tab bearing the name of the script. The tab includes subtabs that correspond to the options on the Add NSH Script to Depot wizard. For more information about these options, see any of the following:
  • To modify the content of a script, open the Depot folder and navigate to an existing Network Shell script. Right-click the script, select Open with, and then select your preferred editor from the pop-up menu. The script appears in a tab in the content editor. After you are done editing the script, close the tab. The system prompts you to save your changes. For more information about editors, see Content editors.
  • To see or modify any properties, permissions, or audit trail information that apply to this Network Shell script, select the Properties, Permissions, or Audit Trail tab group.

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