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The OS Components tab lets you specify individual components to include in the operating system being provisioned.

The OS Components tab lets you select operating system components to install. You can use a text-based approach or a GUI-based approach. If you use the GUI-based approach, check the components to install. If you use the text-based approach, use the text box to enter entries that should be included in the %packages section of the kickstart file. You do not have to enter the %packages header. For example, you might create entries like the following:

@NFS File Server
@Windows File Server
@Anonymous FTP Server
@Web Server


When you script your own OS components, you must include wget, either by itself or by including a package that contains it.

Required entries for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 custom system package types

For a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (RHEL6) system package, you must add the following components on the OS Components panel:


These components are required because the core installation for RHEL6 does not include certain required glib libraries. When you list these components, the required libraries are included in the installation.

Proceed to the Network - Red Hat Linux tab.

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