Network-enabled Windows PE scripting - Windows

A Windows PE image is used for provisioning servers when you create WinPE-based Windows system packages. When writing scripts for the Pre-Install Scripts and Post-disk Partition options, you can use the full functionality of Windows PE batch scripting. Enter any Windows PE-based command in the text box. When your script runs as part of the provisioning process, it is network-enabled, meaning you can map network drives and execute Windows PE commands over those mapped drives. The following is an example of some custom commands used for disk cleanup in a Pre-Install Script:

net use z: \\server_name\netboot >> %log%
echo Running Configuration Replication Utility >> %log%
z:\tools\conrep /l z:\dl360\server.hwr /p >> %log%
echo Configuring the Array Controllers... >> %log%
z:\tools\acr /i z:\dl360\server.ary /o /p >> %log%
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