OS components - Windows operating systems earlier than Windows 2008

The OS Components tab lets you choose individual components that you want included in a Microsoft Windows operating system type earlier than Windows 2008.

Component options


To install all IIS components, check IIS. To install a subset of all IIS components, check individual IIS components.

MSMQ (Message Queuing Service)

Check this option to install tools for creating distributed messaging applications that can communicate across heterogeneous networks, including computers that might be offline.

Terminal Services

Check this option to install Terminal Services.
If you select this option, terminal services is enabled in the application server mode. Terminal services in application server mode requires licensing and, by default, expires after 60 days.
If you want Terminal Services to exhibit different behavior, do not install it using Component Selection. Instead install Terminal Services by adding the appropriate entries to the Unattended Entries tab. For example:

Proceed to the Network - Windows tab.

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