OS components - Windows 2008 or later

The OS Components tab lets you choose individual components to include in the provisioning of Microsoft Windows 2008 or later operating systems.

Select the operating system type. Then specify the server roles to install by doing one of the following:

  • Under Select Server Roles/Features, select the server roles. To install all server roles, check Windows 2008 Server Roles.
  • Check Use Script to install Server Roles/Feature and type the script in the text area. The commands you use depend on the operating system type you selected.
    For a Full Server installation, use the commands of the Windows Server 2008 ServerManagercmd.execommand line utility. For example:

    servermanagercmd -install File-Services

    For a Core Server installation, use the commands of the Windows optional component setup tool (Ocsetup.exe). For example:

    start /w ocsetup DHCPServer

Guidelines for specifying Windows 2008 roles:

  • The Windows 2008 Web Server supports only the Web Services role; system packages for this server install the role by default.
  • Hyper-V role:
    • Only Windows 2008 x64 system package types support the Hyper-V role.
    • Installation of the Hyper-V role requires multiple reboots. If you specify a script to install the Hyper-V role, the script controls provisioning; therefore, you must manually restart the target server each time. However, if under Select Server Roles/Features you check Hyper-V, the provisioning process installs the role and restarts the target server.
  • Selecting a server role installs the role with the operating system during provisioning but does not configure the role. You must configure the role manually or set up a Batch Job.

When finished, proceed to OS components - Windows operating systems earlier than Windows 2008 tab.

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