Disk partition - Citrix XenServer

The Disk Partition tab lets you specify the disk on the target server on which the Citrix XenServer is installed.

The Citrix XenServer has a fixed layout of the file system. You do not need to specify disk partitions; you specify the disk on which the Citrix XenServer host is installed.

You specify a Primary disk and a Guest disk. The Citrix XenServer is installed on the Primary disk. The Guest disk is used for installation of operating systems installed on top of the Citrix XenServer.

You can specify disks in either of two ways — by supplying a script or using fields in the GUI:

To supply a script for configuring the disk

  1. To supply a script, click Use script for disk partitioningand do one of the following:
    • Type the script directly in the input box.
    • Type the name of a local property that contains the script, enclosing the property name with double question marks.
    • Click Select Property .
    • If you want to reboot after script execution, click Reboot after the script is executed.

To use the GUI to configure the disk

  1. To create a new partition, click . To modify an existing partition, select the partition in the Disk Partition list and click .
  2. In the Disk Specifications dialog, provide information for the following options and click OK.




    Select the type of disk you want to configure.
    Primary: The disk where the control domain (Citrix XenServer is installed).
    Guest: The disk to be used for storage for a guest operating system.


    The name of the storage device where the domain should be installed.
    For Primary Disk: The name of the storage device where the control domain should be installed.
    For Guest Disk: The name of the storage device for guest storage.
    To include storage media options supported by Citrix XenServer, supply all disk partition options in a custom disk partition script. Then specify the script in the Use script for disk partitioning area. For information about the commands, see the Citrix XenServer Administrator's Guide.

    Enable Guest (Primary Disk only)

    If you install an operating system on top of the Citrix XenServer, check this option to create a storage repository on the Primary disk for the guest operating system.

    Proceed to the Basic configuration - Citrix XenServer tab.

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