Provision Job - Schedules

The Provision Job Schedules panel lets you schedule a job to execute immediately or at a specific time in the future. The interface does not allow you to schedule a Provision Job for recurring executions. You can also define notifications that are issued when a job runs.

You can open a job after you create it and schedule it for execution. If the job already executed, you can edit the job and schedule re-execution. For example, if a job was running and you canceled it, you could schedule the job to run again. Also see Reprovisioning servers.

Field definitions

Execute job now

Executes the job immediately after you finish a new job or save an edited job.

If your system is configured to require approval for this job type, select Execute on Approval and then click Browse to display the Approval Information dialog box. For more information, see Provision Job - Execute on Approval and Approval type settings.


To add a new schedule, click Add New Schedule . To delete an existing schedule, select it and click Remove Schedule . To modify an existing schedule, click Edit Schedule .
Use the tabs on the scheduling window to provide the following categories of information:

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