Provision Job - Properties

The Properties panel lets you edit property values for the Provision Job.

The Properties panel provides a list of properties automatically assigned to a Snapshot Job. In this list, you can modify the value of any properties that are defined as editable.

For any property that has a check in the Editable column, select the property and click in the Value column.

  • To set a property value back to its default value, click Reset to Default Value .
    The value of the property is reset to the value it inherits from a built-in property class. The Value Source column shows the property class from which the value is inherited.
  • Depending on the type of property you are editing, you can take different actions to set a new value, such as entering an alphanumeric string, choosing from an enumerated list, or selecting a date.
    To insert a parameter into the value, enter the value, bracketed with double question mark delimiters (for example, ??MYPARAMETER??) or click Select Property .

Controlling Job Time-outs

If you execute a Provision Job against target devices that are not booted, the Provision Job remains in the Task in Progress pane for the time set in the JOB_TIMEOUT Job property or until the device boots up. By default, the JOB_TIMEOUT value is 0, which means that the job does not time out. For information, see Defining timeouts for jobs.

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