Provision Job - Job Settings (PXE only)

The Job Settings panel lets you pause a PXE-based provisioning job after each logical step. These options are useful for troubleshooting.


If you selected Skip Linux Pre-Install on the Devices Selection panel, the options on this panel are not valid for provisioning Linux, VMWare ESX, or Citrix operating systems.

Field definitions

Pause and Continue

Tells the provisioning process to wait a specified number of seconds after each logical step in the provisioning job. Type the number of seconds to wait under Pause Duration. The pause duration should be between 0 and 30 seconds.

For example, if you specified a Pause Duration of 5 seconds, a provisioning job might proceed like this:
pre-disk partition -> pause 5 seconds -> disk-partition-> pause 5 seconds -> post-disk partition... and so on

Prompt user after each step

Tells the provisioning process to prompt the user to press the Enter key on the console of the provisioning target after each logical step. The provisioning process does not go on to the next step until the user presses the Enter key on the target console.
For example, if you clicked Prompt user after each step, a Provision Job might proceed like this:
pre-disk partition -> prompt user to press Enter -> disk-partition-> prompt user to press Enter -> post-disk partition... and so on.

Stopping and restarting a provisioning job

As part of the debugging process, you can tell BMC Server Automation system to stop a job to let you debug, then start the job again after the last successfully completed logical step.

  • To stop a Provision Job, at the target console, press Ctrl+C.
  • To restart the Provision Job at the same place, at the target console, type: bmi
    If you plan to stop and restart a Provision Job, be sure to either set Pause and Continue to a number greater than zero, or select Prompt user after each step. Then stop the job when it is paused. This ensures that the job restarts in a consistent state.

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