Execution Tasks - Scheduled Job Notifications

The Scheduled Job Notifications tab in the Add New Schedule window or the Modify Schedule window (which you open from the Execution Task's Schedules panel or Schedules tab) lets you send notifications upon completion of the scheduled job that the Execution Task controls.

Notifications can take the form of emails or SNMP traps. When a job completes, an SNMP trap is sent to a specified server, where it can be read using software that receives and interprets SNMP traps.

Job Run Notifications


Send email to

Lists email addresses of the accounts to notify when a job completes with the status that you specify. Separate multiple email addresses with semicolons, such as sysadmin@bmc.com;sysmgr@bmc.com. After entering email address information, check the statuses that cause an email to be generated. The statuses can be Success, Failed, or Aborted.

Send SNMP trap to

Provides name or IP address of the server to notify when the job completes. After entering server information, select the statuses that should cause an SNMP trap to be generated. The statuses can be Success, Failed, or Aborted.

BMC Server Automation provides a management information base (MIB) that describes its SNMP trap structure. You can use this MIB to create scripts that integrate traps into your trap collection system. The MIB is located on the Application Server host computer at installDirectory/Share/BladeLogic.mib.

List failed servers in email notification

Indicates that email notifications should list all servers on which a job has failed.

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