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The Schedule tab in the Add New Schedule window or in the Modify Schedule window (which you open from the Execution Task's Schedules panel or Schedules tab) lets you schedule the job that the Execution Task controls so that it can run once or recur on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or on an arbitrary time interval. With the Schedule Till Completion option, you can use a recurring schedule to execute the job repeatedly on targets where it failed until its successful completion on all targets (limited to a certain number of retries).

The Schedule tab has the following fields and controls:


One-time scheduling of the job. The On date field contains the date for the one-time schedule, in yyyy/mm/dd format. The At field contains the schedule time, in 24-hour clock format (00:00 to 23:59).


Recurring daily schedule, for the job to run at a set time once a day. The time goes in the At field, in 24-hour clock format (00:00 to 23:59).


Recurring schedule based on days of the week. Enter a weekly interval in the Every field (for example, enter 3 if the job should occur every three weeks), and the execution time in the At field. For On the following days, select the days of the week when the job should execute. You can select multiple days.


Recurring schedule based on a day of the month. Enter the day of the month and the time of day for job execution.


Recurring schedule based on a time interval that you define. For Start At, enter the date and time when the job should first occur. For Repeat Every, enter the interval (number of days + hours + minutes) for subsequent occurrences.

Schedule Till Completion

Repeatedly execute the job that the Execution Task controls, based on the defined recurring schedule, only on the targets where it failed in the previous job run (or, for the first scheduled job run, on all targets where it did not yet run) and only until successful completion of the job on all targets (but limited to a defined maximum number of times or length of time).

  • Set a limit for the number of recurring job runs, after which the Execution Task gives up on the failed targets that still remain — either set the maximum number of retries or set an end date and time after which the job no longer runs. Job execution might stop earlier, if the job completes successfully before reaching the limit number of retries or date that you set.
  • If you want to run the job according to the recurring schedule not only on targets that ended in error status, but also on targets that ended in warning status, select the Include servers with warnings check box.
  • If you want to include target servers where the job has not yet run (after the first scheduled job run, when such servers are the default targets), select the Include servers in Not Run status check box.


    The number of times that the job has already executed according to your recurring schedule appears beside the Schedule Till Completion check box.
    The Schedule Till Completion option is not available if you chose the Use job targets option on the Targets panel or if the Execution Task is associated with a Workflow Job, a Virtual Guest Job, a Provision Job, or a UCS Provision Job.

Time zone

The time zone in which the job should run. For a recurring schedule, BMC Server Automation automatically accounts for differences in time zones and changes in daylight savings time. For example, if you schedule a job that should run weekly at 06:00 Eastern Standard Time, the job always runs at 06:00 Eastern Time, no matter whether standard or daylight savings time is in effect.


All component machines in a BMC Server Automation system should have their clocks synchronized.


Select an execution priority level from the drop-down list (available priority levels are Critical, High, Normal, Low, and Lowest). Note that you cannot select a Priority level higher than the maximum runtime level that is set for your role, which is indicated next to the drop-down list.

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